Our benefits

Godox Store – an expert in photo and video equipment

Helping photographers and filmmakers with making their dreams come true by allowing them to execute their artistic visions is the most important factor that motivates us to act. We are an official store of one of the European distributors of Godox equipment, a brand which has been specializing in the production of high-class lighting for almost 30 years and provides professional solutions for work on photo and film sets for everyone, regardless of their level of advancement. As a company with an established position on the market, they’re also an expert in the field of photographic and video equipment, and their mission is to offer excellent lighting solutions that meet the requirements of a wide and diverse group of creators.

Over the years of its operation, the brand has managed to gain the recognition and trust of photographers from all around the world – from amateurs starting their adventure with digital images, to professionals with many years of experience. With each subsequent year, the company extends its offer ever further, following technological novelties and the photographic industry. We offer a full line of studio photography equipment, from pocket-sized portable flashes to professional lighting solutions. Products designed by the Godox brand largely contribute to the development of the industry in which it operates. The company constantly follows the latest trends in the world of film and photography and makes every effort to be up to date with all technical innovations, adapting them to the needs of their equipment. The brand's offer is regularly extended with new lighting solutions and multi-purpose equipment.

Photography gear for beginners and pros

Godox lighting can be used by every photographer, regardless of their level of experience. We offer advanced solutions for professionals – among them you will find flash heads such as Godox AD1200 or AD600 Pro TTL and also LED lights – Godox M600D and VL300 . Then there’s also budget and easy-to-use equipment, intended for enthusiasts and aficionados – on-camera speedlites, among which the most popular models are TT685 II, V1 and V860II. We regularly supply photo and film studios with the necessary equipment – flash and continuous lighting, LED panels and flash triggers. We also have a wide selection of on-camera flashes and dedicated accessories, thanks to which you can adjust their light according to your current needs. Our equipment is also commonly used by photographers working outside the studio – outdoors or at weddings and public events.

The numerous benefits of purchasing from the Godox Store

As a brand store appointed by one of European distributors of Godox equipment, we offer a number of advantages over other points of sale. Above all, we have the widest assortment representing the current offer of the Godox brand. All products available on the website are stored in Poland – this way we can guarantee quick order fulfillment and certainty of availability. Our strength is also the possibility to contact professionals thoroughly familiar with the brand's product range – we are fully qualified to provide professional advice on the use of photographic equipment and techniques, you will also get suggestions from us that will help you choose the right lamps, triggers and photographic accessories. We also work with a professional repair service called F-Service, who will take care of your equipment both under the manufacturer's warranty and after its expiry. Order the most popular Godox lighting in a few simple steps – registration in the store is not required, the order can be placed without the need to create an account.

Top-notch customer service

Our clients’ satisfaction is our top priority – for this reason, we offer comprehensive services from the moment you enter the store's website.

Professional help straight from the experts

You don't need to have extensive knowledge of photography and studio equipment to be able to buy in the Godox Store. Our team consists of professionals and enthusiasts who will be happy to help you at every stage of shopping – from choosing a lamp that meets your financial and technical expectations, to composing a larger offer tailored exactly to the presented needs or making proposals in various price ranges.

Quick and trouble-free contact

We know exactly the specifics of photographers' work and we are aware that urgent issues that require clarification as soon as possible might come up from nowhere. We are in constant contact with our customers, offering them several different channels of communication with our store. Both by e-mail and by phone, you can communicate with us in three languages - Polish, German and English. You can also use the contact form, which is the easiest way to send us an email.