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While Bowens has firmly established itself as the standard mounting system for studio flashes and COB LEDs, it's worth noting that some lighting fixtures use different types of mounts. Softbox adapters offer an ideal solution for those seeking a universal patent to effortlessly adapt softboxes to various accessory mounts used in photo and video lighting. With these adapters, you'll have the freedom to experiment with light shaping techniques, regardless of the type of mount your light has. Expand your creative possibilities with versatile softbox adapters and enjoy the full flexibility in exploring different lighting options with ease!

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Godox BO-AD400pro Bowens Adapter for AD400Pro

BowensThis Adapter allows use of Godox Bowens Mount modifiers, as well as others from the many manufacturers that use this popular mount. AD300ProThe Godox Bowens Mount Adapter for AD400Pro Flash will also work on AD300Pro (requires Godox...

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Godox AD-AB Adapter Ring AD-300

AD-AB AdapterWithout this adapter you cannot add optional speedrings. Easy to install: Line up the release on both the AD-AB Adapter and the AD300 Pro and it simply clicks together. Remember: This adapter needs a separate speedring to...

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