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Barn doors are an essential tool for creative artists, providing precise control over light direction and shaping during photo and video shoots. They offer the ability to smoothly adjust the light spread angle, granting you full control over the desired scene aesthetics. At Godox Store, you will discover a range of barn doors designed specifically for various Godox flash and LED models, as well as universal options. Additionally, comprehensive sets featuring grids and color filters are available, catering to the needs of passionate photographers and filmmakers seeking to achieve distinctive visual effects.

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Godox BD-04 Barndoor Kit

BD-04The Godox BD-04 is a set with a barn door, a honeycomb Grid and 4 Color filters for a standard reflector. BarndoorsThis Barndoor is fixed on the standard 7” reflector. The 4pcs wings is adjustable for flexible lighting shaping. Light...

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Godox BD-10 Barndoor Kit for AD300 Pro

BD-10The Barndoor Kit for AD300pro Flash provides what you need to light selectively as well as encourage creative expression. BarndoorsThe barndoors have a 4-way design. Simply swing one or more leaves into the AD300pro's beam path to...

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Godox AD200 barndoor BD-07

BD-07Godox BD-07 kit for Godox AD200 and AD200 Pro flashes includes a barndoor with four wings, a honeycomb grid and color filters to change the color of the light. BarndoorsBarndoors allow you to direct the light from the flash to...

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