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Some of the cameras available on the market still have a built-in pop-up flash, but they hardly ever give a satisfactory result. It’s permanently attached to the body, the flash always triggers from the same place, and lastly – it's virtually impossible to modify their light or precisely set its parameters. For this reason, on-camera flashes make for a significantly better solution. They provide a great deal more flexibility and a variety of options than the flash built into the camera. The list of their applications is remarkably long – they are most often used to achieve a motion freeze effect, as well as for outdoor sunrise and sunset sessions, in order to balance the exposure in the photo. They also allow you to achieve extraordinary effects in combination with constant light, thanks to the second-curtain sync function. On-camera flashes are also used in feature, wedding, street and portrait photography, but also come in handy during events, such as club parties. We constantly strive to expand Godox flash light range and provide modern solutions in line with current technologies and trends, and we draw inspiration for our creation only from proven solutions available on the market.

Godox Ving V860III

The flash models available at Godox Store differ in flash power, specified in the guide number. It indicates the maximum distance from which the photographed subject will be correctly exposed when the ISO is set to 100 on a camera with a 200 mm lens. The higher the value of the guide number, the more powerful flash it offers. Among all the available flash models, we feature devices that operate in basic manual mode, and those that support advanced features such as fully automated flash (TTL) or high-speed sync (HSS). More advanced models have a built-in autofocus assist function. Hot shoe flashes are usually powered by four AA or LR6 batteries, which can be purchased at any hardware store. However, care should be taken to ensure that these are good quality cells – batteries with poor parameters can cause the lamp to malfunction. If you're looking for the best price to quality ratio, browse through our Godox Ving flashes powered by custom VB series batteries.

Godox on-camera flashes can be used in a number of ways beyond the standard hot-shoe placement. All of them are equipped with built-in radio receivers for the X-trigger system, so you can place them off-camera, usually on a light stand, and create elaborate lighting systems. Their flash is triggered remotely, using a radio transmitter mounted on the camera's hot shoe, which allow you to sync the flash with your camera and adjust its parameters. This is a very portable solution that allows the photographer to move around and take action. For instance, a strobing kit made up of two or three flashes can easily fit in a camera bag or backpack. It can also be used anywhere without access to a permanent power source. The cost of a strobing kit is also substantially lower than that of a full set of studio lights. Custom accessories sold at Godox Store allow their light to be adjusted according to the creative concept of a given shoot. Most budget solutions include small softboxes mounted directly on the flash, but thanks to the right brackets and adapters you may also use softboxes and other flash modifiers with a Bowens mount. There are additional color filters available, allowing you to get light in any color.

Godox Store has prepared a wide selection of models designed for all the most popular camera brands – Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Olympus and Pentax. Thanks to the regularly updated software, Godox flashes even work with Canon cameras without a center pin on the hot shoe. No matter what DSLR or mirrorless camera you use – you're sure to find the right flash here. Join the ranks of Godox gear owners and become part of an expansive community that shares inspiration and provides technical and hardware advice every day.

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