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Photos taken with a hot-shoe flash are distinguished by great contrast and sharply defined shadows because of the incredibly bright and sharp light it emits. In order to achieve different effects, it is necessary to use various accessories that modify its light. Godox Store offers a wide range of extras for on-camera flashes, such as compact diffusers, softboxes, color filters, or snoots. They can also be used with studio softboxes thanks to specialized holders with Bowens mount. Accessories can be purchased individually, or as part of a package deal with other useful items. For those who enjoy taking pictures in nature, outdoor sets that contain a softbox and an adapter for a hot shoe flash are the finest option.

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Godox SN3030 Speedlite Snoot

SN3030Foldable light beam cloth, converts to a snoot to concentrate the light from the flash head. White inner reflector and velcro strap for easy use. Easy installationSimply unfolds for an easy and quick set up, designed to be used with...

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