High-quality lighting equipment is an essential part of any film and shooting set. As an indispensable component for creative work on digital images, it is a versatile tool that gives the frame the right look and mood. The best possible results can only be achieved with proven, performance-tested equipment. The Godox Store offers a wide range of studio flashes with a variety of parameters and sizes for creatives of all skill levels.

Godox AD100Pro

Whether you're an amateur or a professional, the extensive price range of our gear guarantees a choice that fits your budget. We offer all the most popular models of Godox studio flash lights, such as QS300II or QT600IIM, which have gained the recognition of photographers around the world over the past few years. A large part of our product range will find use not only for indoor work, but also in the open air. A number of mobile solutions are available in the Godox Store, with battery-powered flash units such as the AD200, AD400 or AD600 being the best examples. For those looking for simple, off-the-shelf solutions for studio photography, we offer a wide selection of Godox flash kits. They include all the necessary parts for your work – lighting, light modifiers and studio stands. Godox flashes can be successfully used individually, or they can be combined into advanced lighting setup using the unified X radio triggering system.

Continuous lighting, despite the fact that it is designed primarily for filming work, has been used in photography with steadily increasing popularity in recent years. Its parameters are continually being improved year after year, allowing it to move away from its former amateur reputation. With each innovative technology that enters the digital imaging industry, LED lights are constantly decreasing in size, while their power output is constantly on the increase. Depending on your exact requirements and creative goals, we offer solutions with fixed and adjustable color temperature. There are also professional lighting systems with adjustable light beam angle available at Godox Store. Specially for the needs of film productions, we provide solutions with an extremely quiet cooling system, which won't interfere with sound production. Each studio LED light included in our range is equipped with a standard Bowens mount for light modifiers. Thanks to this solution, their user has a virtually unlimited choice of softboxes, reflectors and snoots, which can help to precisely realize their artistic visions.

Godox LD150RS RGB

Godox Store also offers a wide selection of LED panels in many sizes, from small, on-camera ones to large surface lights that can act as key lighting on set. The lighting available at our store is not only aimed at photography and video professionals – we are constantly expanding our offer with solutions for streamers, influencers and other online creators. We use only the highest quality components and the latest available technologies for our LED lighting. As in the case of LED studio lights, there are solutions with fixed or variable light color temperature. The most advanced LED panels additionally offer the option of setting any color from the RGB palette – a perfect choice for any situation where you want a vivid, eye-catching effect. Another unique type of lamps are LED tubes – this shape has grown significantly in popularity over the past few years. We also encourage you to download the Godox Light app for your smartphone, offering wireless control of the parameters of many lights available in our offer.

Our assortment is aimed at a wide range of artists – for this reason, we offer solutions not only for traditional photography and filmmaking, but also for macro photography. Close-up photography enthusiasts have a wide range of macro flashes to choose from, which will precisely and effectively illuminate the photographed object. Thanks to them, you will capture the beauty of detail in every image you take, with breathtaking details not visible to the naked eye on a daily basis.

All Godox lights are covered by a two-year manufacturer's warranty, implemented in Poland. In addition, equipment purchased from the Godox Store also has post-warranty protection.

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Godox TL180 Tube Light RGB

Godox TL180Low-profile, self-contained and portable, TL180 is a 180cm RGBWW tube light designed to benefit filmmakers, content creators, videographers and photographers. As the latest member of Godox tube light TL series, it’s more powerful and...

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