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Godox Bag for AD200

AD200 BagWith this Godox Hard Case you can store or transport your Godox Witstro AD200 portable flash including accessories dust-free and safe. The inside of the bag is provided with custom-made cut-outs, so that the AD200 is optimally...

€ 17.00 VAT included

Godox CB-12 Bag for AD600Pro

CB-12Store, transport, and protect your AD600PRO Kit with this Carrying Bag constructed with flannelette fabric from Godox. VersatileThe bag can also accommodate other, smaller or similar size lamps (e.g. SL60W). High quality CB-12 is...

€ 46.00 VAT included

Godox CB 14 Carrying Bag

CB-14Thanks to its perfectly designed compartment, the CB-14 bag is able to accommodate three lightweight lighting stands. High qualityThe bag is made of high quality materials. The zipped cover protects the contents against rain and...

€ 20.00 VAT included

Godox CB15 Bag for S30

CB15A very practical bag with 8 compartments in the main pocket, thanks to which you can separate any lamp that you take without fear of destroying them. The bag is made with deliberation. Includes two side pockets and one on the front....

€ 69.00 VAT included