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Bowl reflectors are essential tools for precisely directing and enhancing light. They allow you to shape light, giving it a unique character with every project. In the category below, you will discover a range of reflectors tailored to specific models of outdoor flashes and G-Mount KNOWLEDs. We also offer universal bowl reflectors with Bowens mount, compatible with various studio flashes and LED lights. Additionally, we provide reflectors specifically designed for background lighting, which are invaluable for studio sessions. Explore our selection and elevate your lighting setup with these versatile and indispensable accessories.

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Godox RFT-4 12" Wide Angle Reflector (120°)

RFT-4The 12" Wide Angle Reflector from Godox has a 120-degree wide beam angle and produces even light that's well-suited to portraits, beauty subjects, large groups, and spaces. BowensReflector has a Bowens accessory mount that fits Godox...

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Godox RFT-1 Standard Reflector 6"

RFT-1This 15cm standard reflector gives a strong and focused light when used with a compatible lamp. There is a hole for an umbrella in the reflector. Key Features: Shape: Circular Interior: Silver Mount: Bowens Material: Aluminum...

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Godox AD-R10 Reflector for AD400Pro

AD-R10Reflector dedicated to the Godox AD400Pro flash is 108 mm in diameter and provides 110° beam spread. This makes it a good choice for use with, for example, umbrellas or focusing light when using the flash without other modifiers. AD-R10...

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Godox AD-R9 reflector for AD600Pro

AD-R9This Reflector from Godox is a spare or replacement part for the AD600Pro outdoor flash. DesignThis reflector shapes light into a tighter beam to help direct it towards your subject. This makes it well-suited for situations where the...

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Godox RFT-17 Pro Umbrella Reflector 15cm

RFT-17This 5.9" (15cm) Umbrella Reflector has a 110° beam spread for distributing light generated by a compatible head into an umbrella. User-friendly designIt features built-in umbrella mount. When working with umbrella, it brings about...

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Godox RFT-3 mini 5" (35°) Reflector Bowens

RFT-3Godox RFT-3 is a small reflector designed for Godox lamps and flash heads from other manufacturers equipped with a Bowens mount. The 13 cm diameter reflector provides a 35° light beam angle which is ideal for evenly distributing the light...

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Godox RFT 7" Standard Reflector for Bowens Mount

The 7" Standard Reflector from Godox features a Bowens S-style mount, allowing it to fit studio strobes, location battery strobes, LED monolights, and select fluorescent light units which receive Bowens modifiers. The reflector is made of...

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Godox RFT-18 Pro Background Reflector

RFT-18Used for backlighting. Delivers a graduated oval of light on the background. Included clips can be used to attach gels, filters or diffusion material and help to create special effects. An ideal light pattern especially for portrait....

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Godox RFT-14 Pro Grid Reflector

RFT-14 8cm reflector designed for Godox lamps or other flash heads with Bowens mount. The reflector has a 60-degree light beam span. Smart designSuitable for Grid installation (not included). Included: - Godox RFT-14 - Original...

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