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The use of LED studio lighting is growing in popularity every year. This is a result of ongoing technology advancements that allow for a steady increase in power along a decrease in size. Our products are available in two different versions Bi-Color LED lights let you change the hue to match other light sources, while Daylight LED lights have a color temperature of 5600 K, which is the closest to a pure neutral white. As with studio flash lights, a wide range of Godox light modifiers with Bowens mounts can be used. The LED heads are also equipped with an integrated tripod mount. The available wattage ranges from 37 all the way up to 740 watts. As one of the few brands in the world, we also offer RGB COB LED lights – using them, you can add whatever color you choose to a film or photo set.

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Godox UL60Bi Silent LED Video Light

UL60BiUL60Bi is a 78W unit that provides very bright light with quiet performance. The UL60Bi is a lightweight light (a larger 150W model is also available) with variable color temperature, Bowens mount. The light uses the latest integrated COB...

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Godox SL300II LED Video Light

SL300IISL300II continues the excellent quality and performance of SL II series while providing a stronger output, which further unleashes your creative potential and fulfills the needs for more applications. Monster OutputAfter the SL150II...

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