Macro photography aims to depict a little world that is hidden from the naked sight. Specialized attachments that take care of the proper exposure of the frame are extremely helpful quite often while shooting in nature. For macro photography, these include ring flash and continuous lighting. Godox Store also offers the MF12 modular flash, which can be upgraded with additional flash heads. All the devices offered below are universal - they work with a wide range of cameras from different manufacturers, such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Olympus and Pentax. The mounting rings included in the kits allow the lamp to be mounted on virtually any lens.

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Godox Macro Ring72 light

Godox Ring72 thanks to its high versatility does not limit your creation. High-power LEDs provide bright and constant lighting that is ideal for both video and photos. What you see is what you get.. To start simply turn the Ring72 on and...

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Godox MF12 Macro Flash

Godox Macro FlashMF12 is perfect for macro lighting, which enables you to shoot beautiful and sharp photos of small subjects, like plants, animals, and insects in extremely close distance. It's not only ideal to work individually, but also can...

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Godox MF-R76 Macro Ring Flash

Explore the macro worldThere are wonderful things happening in every corner of the world. However, they are not always easy to see. Macro photography is the key to discovering these wonders waiting for you to observe and photograph them. That's...

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Godox MF12 Cold Shoe Adapter

Cold Shoe AdapterThe MF12 Cold Shoe Adapter from Godox is specifically designed to allow mounting the MF12 Macro Flash onto a stand. It can also be used to mount the flash onto your camera's hot shoe but does not provide a connection to your...

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