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Godox AD-S200 Stick Flash Head for AD200

A New Dimension to ExploreThe most versatile flash system AD200/AD200Pro now brings you more with the unprecedented stick flash head AD-S200. Delivered through a 360° transparent flash tube, the cylindrical light source is perfect to light up...

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Godox R2400 Ring Flash Head for P2400

R2400Designed for the P2400 studio system, the R2400 head combines high flash energy (2400 Ws) and even illumination, characteristic of a ring flash. The R2400 is great for portraits, fashion, beauty or product photography. Clear...

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Godox R200 Ring Flash Head for AD200

R200An electrifying new addition to the versatile AD200/AD200Pro system, the Godox R200 Ring Flash head has 200Ws of energy, providing distinctive illumination and eliminating shadows because the light source is very close to the optical axis...

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Godox flashtube for H2400P flashhead

FT-H2400PReplacement flashtube for the H2400P head used with the P2400 powerpack. InstallationFlashtube has a flash energy of 2400Ws and color temperature of 5600K. Installation of the flashtube is simple and requires no special tools....

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Godox H2400P flash head for P2400 Power Pack

H2400PGodox H2400P is a flash head that can be used with the Godox P2400 generator. It can flash with an energy of up to 2400Ws. Power Pack P2400The most powerful and at the same time the most innovative source of flash light in the offer....

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Godox H400P Extension Head for AD400Pro

H400PThe compact and lightweight H400P head for the AD400Pro is a 240 cm light extension that weighs less than the entire AD400Pro unit, allowing the use of booms and lightweight stands that might not support the weight of the entire unit. Even...

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Godox AD200 H200 speedlite head

H200The Godox H200 flash head is designed for the Godox AD200 and Godox AD200Pro portable flash. Imitating the look of a classic speedlite flash, the Godox H200 head will turn the AD200 into a powerful speedlite flash that can be fitted with...

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Godox R1200 Ring Flash Head for AD1200Pro

R1200Designed for Godox powerful AD1200Pro, Godox most versatile and high-end R1200 Ring Flash Head takes up to 1200Ws strong power, providing even illumination with few shadows visible in the images as the origin of the light is very close to...

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Godox EC1200 Extension Head Cable AD1200Pro

Ideal for hanging the light overhead or in hard to reach places, the Extension Cable for AD1200Pro Ring Flash Head from Godox extends the distance from the head to the power pack. You can also use two cables together to double the lenght...

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