Situations when the power in equipment runs out during a photo shoot are a nuisance for any filmmaker. To effectively deal with them, it is worth getting spare batteries, which can be easily and quickly replaced when the factory ones become discharged. The accessories collected in the category below will guarantee smooth, uninterrupted operation, without the need for constant recharging. Godox Store offers replacement rechargeable batteries for studio and on-camera flashes, so that work on set will run smoothly. There's also a wide selection of chargers for our outdoor and on-camera lights, as well as power adapters that allow them to work while plugged into an AC socket.

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Godox AC Adapter for TL60

After connecting to the TL lamp, the set can work without fear of running out of power. Key Features: - Allows TL60 to Run on 100-240 VAC Power - Also Provides Battery Charge In the box: - AC adapter- Original packaging

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Godox BH-P1 Battery Adapter Plate Panasonic

With the Godox BH-P1 Panasonic Plate it is possible to use a Panasonic VW-VBG6 battery on the video LED lamps from Godox. Lamps such as the LED 126, 170, 308Y and 308W can be powered with a battery as well as with a power adapter. The most...

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Godox UC29 AD200/AD200Pro USB Charger

UC29The USB charger (no USB cable included) can charge batteries used in Godox AD200 and AD200Pro flashes. A fully charged WB29 battery provides up to 500 flashes at full power with AD series lights. Charger parameters; Input: 5V DC, 1A / 2A...

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Godox WB30PRO Battery for AD300Pro

Godox WB30PROThe battery is loaded into the underside of the AD300 Pro strobe unit to keep it super compact due to its small size. The WB30P offers a recycle time of just 0.01-1.5s with up to approximately 320 full power flashes....

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Godox AC1200 AC Adapter for AD1200Pro

AC1200This is useful when shooting in studio or location situations where AC power is readily available, as an alternative to drawing power from the lithium-ion battery. VersatilityThe power adapter is muti-voltage compatible from 100-240...

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Godox C1200P Battery Charger for AD1200PRO

C1200PCan charge lithium-ion batteries from the Godox AD1200Pro kit. It works with both the larger 5200 mAh WB1200H battery model and its smaller 2600 mAh WB1200 brother. With the C1200P charger, the AD1200Pro light kit is convenient for...

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Godox AD400Pro AC adapter

AC400Godox AD400Pro AC Adapter is a very useful accessory designed especially for Godox AD400Pro. The adapter allows them to be powered directly from the electrical network without additional converters and inverters. Thanks to this, the user...

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AC adapter Godox AC26 for AD600Pro

AC26Designed specifically for the AD600Pro flash, this AC Adapter from Godox allows you to plug the light into a wall socket instead of powering it with its rechargeable battery. Unlimited runtimeIt gives you essentially unlimited runtime,...

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