Situations when the power in equipment runs out during a photo shoot are a nuisance for any filmmaker. To effectively deal with them, it is worth getting spare batteries, which can be easily and quickly replaced when the factory ones become discharged. The accessories collected in the category below will guarantee smooth, uninterrupted operation, without the need for constant recharging. Godox Store offers replacement rechargeable batteries for studio and on-camera flashes, so that work on set will run smoothly. There's also a wide selection of chargers for our outdoor and on-camera lights, as well as power adapters that allow them to work while plugged into an AC socket.

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Godox AD400Pro AC adapter

AC400Godox AD400Pro AC Adapter is a very useful accessory designed especially for Godox AD400Pro. The adapter allows them to be powered directly from the electrical network without additional converters and inverters. Thanks to this, the user...

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