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Godox UC29 AD200/AD200Pro USB Charger

UC29The USB charger (no USB cable included) can charge batteries used in Godox AD200 and AD200Pro flashes. A fully charged WB29 battery provides up to 500 flashes at full power with AD series lights. Charger parameters; Input: 5V DC, 1A / 2A...

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Godox C1200P Battery Charger for AD1200PRO

C1200PCan charge lithium-ion batteries from the Godox AD1200Pro kit. It works with both the larger 5200 mAh WB1200H battery model and its smaller 2600 mAh WB1200 brother. With the C1200P charger, the AD1200Pro light kit is convenient for...

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Godox SA-D1 power adapter for S30 LED

Replacement power adapter for the Godox S30 Focusing LED Light. Please Note: The power output of the S30 light is 30W when powered by the SA-D1 power adapter. When powered by NP-F970 li-ion battery or USB power bank, the output of the S30 is only...

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