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Professional work on a movie or commercial set requires only highest caliber solutions. The Godox wireless WMic system is one of them – it combines usefulness, superior sound quality and expert performance. The system is built on more than just standard lavalier sets – other compatible equipment includes a wireless handheld microphone or extra transmitters that let you use gear from other brands. With the provided lavaliers, you can record your voice tracks with no noise or interference and get a clear, natural sound. The 100-meter working range allows it to be used in a wide variety of situations. The system is compatible with a wide range of devices – smartphones, cameras and camcorders, computers or audio recorders.

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Godox TX3-XLR Plug-On XLR Transmitter

TX3-XLRThe lightweight design is comfortable for the talent to hold and can accommodate any handheld or shotgun XLR microphone (available separately). The transmitter can provide 48V phantom power for condenser mics and offers reliable...

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Godox WmicS1 System UHF Wireless Receiver RX

Godox RX1The Godox RX1 wireless bodypack receiver provides advanced control of recorded audio. Equipped with a 3.5mm mini jack headphone jack, the Godox RX1 receiver makes real-time monitoring simple and convenient. It is compatible with...

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Godox WH-M1 Wireless Handheld Transmitter

Godox WH-M1Built to withstand the rigors of live performance, this handheld transmitter is truly a reliable choice for interview, meeting and lecture, or any other application that requires mobility plus a clear sound. Extended UHF...

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Godox UHF Wireless Microphone System WMicS2 Kit 2

Pro but TinyThe WMicS2 system, as an evolution of S1, packs more professional functions into a smaller body. More wearable and portable than products of its kind, the transmitter can be attached to your collar by the back clip, by the included...

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Godox WMicS1 Pro RX Dual-Channel Receiver

WmicS1 RX ProYou can record two separate people to your DSLR/mirrorless camera without requiring a second receiver, keeping your rig portable and compact with one less component to worry about. The receiver includes a camera shoe mount with a...

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