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Godox BD-04 Barndoor Kit

BD-04The Godox BD-04 is a set with a barn door, a honeycomb Grid and 4 Color filters for a standard reflector. BarndoorsThis Barndoor is fixed on the standard 7” reflector. The 4pcs wings is adjustable for flexible lighting shaping. Light...

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LED video light Godox SL-60W daylight

SL-60WUniversal, continuous LED light source with a daylight temperature of 5600K, well suited for filming and photography. The lamp provides high brightness and color accuracy. The intuitive design of the lamp includes a rear LCD display and a...

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Godox S30 LED focusing light with SA-08

Godox S30 LEDThe S30 LED Focusing LED Light from Godox is a lightweight, versatile source with light intensity, beam spread, and power options. The output can be further controlled by swinging one or more leaves of the 8-way Barndoors into the...

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Godox SL-150W II LED Video Light White

SL SeriesOffers high light brightness and color rendering index with powerful LED beads. It creates stable light resource and even illumination for video recording, photojournalistic and wedding shooting. Dimming settings range from 0% to full...

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Receiver Godox X1R Canon

The trigger can be used with cameras of the selected brand equipped with a standard ISO type hot shoe and a PC type synchronization connector. Flash sync with fast shutter speeds can be used with most lamps on the market today that support this...

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Light stand Godox 302

The model 302 Light Stand from Godox is a three section support with braced legs that rises to a maximum height of 190cm, and offers a minimum height of 66cm. At the end of the stand there is a standard light fitting for attaching studio lights....

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Godox Video LED light VL150

ApplicationWith high efficiency and accurate color reproduction (CRI 96, TLCI 95), the VL series is an ideal light source for lighting interviews, studio recordings, outdoor filming, but also for photography. Remote ControlThe VL lights...

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