Inspirations from nature - Macro Fall in Godox!

Inspirations from nature - Macro Fall in Godox!

Fall macro adventure with Godox!

The first days of astronomical fall are behind us - summer may be over, but it's not the end of the season for macro photographers! While you can still count on some sunshine, it's worth taking a weekend photo trip to revisit your beloved lake or treat yourself to a walk in the woods. So we are moving with the action - Fall with Macro! In addition to increased macro activity on our social media accounts, you can expect contests, new equipment launches and more. Let this post be a source of inspiration for you for the upcoming last warm days before the arrival of winter.



Marit van Ekelenburg / @macrobymarit

Magical world in magnification

The human eye, although an excellent optical instrument, also has its limitations. Its complement is precisely macro photography, thanks to which we can look at the world from an unprecedented perspective and capture what our eyesight is unable to register on a daily basis. This is a unique field of photography that allows us to get closer to nature - literally and figuratively. Macro photography, however, is not only about pictures of flowers and insects - close-up shots can also be used in medical and product photography, and especially when taking pictures of jewelry and other small objects. It is also successfully used in culinary photography - in a macro lens even food looks unearthly.


Fall in the eye of the macro photographer

It's accepted that the best time to take photos is when nature awakens to life, but fall is also a good time to have fun with macro photography, despite the fact that the days are already noticeably shorter and temperatures are starting to drop. At this time of year, it's best to go to the woods for photography, which is then filled with the various colors and textures of fading nature. On the trees, in addition to colorful leaves, red rowans appear, and mosses and lichens enchant with a wealth of patterns and designs. In the fall, among the forest litter also grows a power of mushrooms of all sorts and shapes - the Europe nature has turned many species, which are worth documenting with a macro close-up. A very grateful object to immortalize when going out to a nearby forest are also spider webs covered with dewdrops, or - after colder nights - leaves and branches covered with a layer of frost. 

Although more and more insects are falling into winter dormancy as the temperature drops, catching them in the wild in early fall should not yet pose a great challenge. The best time to photograph any insects is in the morning - this is when they are least mobile, especially after cold nights. There are still dragonflies flying over lakes and rivers, and summer fruits that have fallen from trees sometimes attract whole clouds of insects. Unlike flower shots, however, photographing microfauna requires much more care and focus.


Tetsu Kobata / @shamoji_insect                      

Tips for all seasons

  • Avoid shooting in the middle of the day, when the sun shines the strongest. It creates a lot of problems then - it adds strong contrast to the photo, causes burn-through in the image and glare on insects. 
  • Also pay attention to the background and try to capture it in such a way that it does not distract from the main subject of the photo. 
  • Don't be afraid of shooting against the light - this allows you to capture the outline of the insect, along with all its fine details, especially if you use additional lighting to compensate for the lighting of the whole scene.
  • Look for water droplets, they will add appeal to any macro photo. 
  • Look for interesting angles and frames that will allow you to present the photographed object from an unusual side. 
  • Pay close attention to textures, patterns and shapes and constantly observe the environment for unique shots. 
  • Use additional accessories. Blenders, diffusers combined with an additional light source will give you full control over the light of the scenery.


Photo taken with MF12 / @macrobymarit


Take macro photography to a new level with Godox!

Strong, yet soft light is almost as important as the subject itself or the post-production of the photo - it is the key to successful macro photography, regardless of where and when it is taken. Taking the first steps in this art, we usually use the natural light of the sun, but it is not always enough to get the correct exposure. And even if there is enough of it, its direction or character may not always match your vision. To be prepared for any lighting conditions and to work independently of them, it is worth getting a macro flash - our lighting will help you bring out the true beauty from the hidden macro world, regardless of the subject and the place where you take pictures.


Godox MF12 macro flash system

A single MF12 unit looks at first glance like a small reporter's flash, so the MF12 system is unique in one respect - you can expand it with additional flashes, up to 7-8 units, which you mount on the mounting ring. The built-in TTL mode will further facilitate your first attempts in macro photography with flash.




Godox MF-R76 macro ring flash

A classic of the genre - a ring flash that, thanks to its circular design, "surrounds" the photographed object with light, so that no disturbing shadows are created on it. This is a slightly more budget solution, allowing you to work exclusively in manual mode.




Godox ML-150II macro ring flash

This is new, the second version of the ML-150 ring flash, a simple to use but effective light that allows you to enjoy macro photography at an inexpensive price.

The lamps will soon be available on our store.


Are you thinking about buying your first macro lens? Take advantage of a unique opportunity and get yourself a professional 2-in-1 set - Irix 150 mm f/2.8 macro lens together with one of our Godox lights! More information on OUR SHOP.

Irix 150 mm f-2-8 + Godox MF-R76 (1 of 4).jpg

Summary and #CONTEST!

Macro-photography is a demanding field that requires large amounts of calm, patience and observational skills to work comfortably and successfully. However, nothing stimulates the development of technical skills like regular practice - with its help, over time, one comes to sensational results, also we encourage you to hunt in the macro world while there are still opportunities! What's more! We already encourage you to go out into the field and hunt for great shots. Why? Because we can reveal to you that a macro photography contest with Godox #godoxmacrofall will be launched soon! We will give you more details soon, but we can reveal that there will be MF-R76 and ML-150II lights to win so there will be something to fight for!

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