Trends in the world of film lighting: Godox MG1200R RGB!

Trends in the world of film lighting: Godox MG1200R RGB!

Lighting of the Future: Godox KNOWLED MG1200R RGB

The MG1200R RGB is more than just a light - it's a tool that redefines standards in the video industry. With its impressive power and full RGB spectrum, it allows for creating incredibly realistic and memorable scenes. Here are some key features of the Godox MG1200R RGB:

  • Full RGB Spectrum: Enables achieving any color to build the mood in a scene.
  • Impressive Performance: 1200W available across a full range of temperatures and colors provides bright and vivid light.
  • Color Temperature Adjustment: In CCT mode, the light allows adaptation to different lighting conditions or creating your own with a wide range of color temperatures to choose from.
  • High CRI/TLCI Index: Guarantees real colors and skin tones. With the MG1200R, you'll save time and money on post-production.
  • Complete Control: Offers multiple control options. Easy operation via the Godox Light mobile app. Professional control through DMX/CRMX, as well as simple settings on the controller.


Trends in the Film Industry: What Will the Future Bring?

Film lighting technology is developing at a rapid pace, and RGB lights are becoming increasingly popular. The Godox MG1200R RGB fits into this trend, offering advanced features that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago. The future of filmmaking involves dynamic, changing scenes that require flexible and versatile lighting. RGB lights, such as the MG1200R, allow filmmakers to adapt the light to any scene, creating unique visual effects and setting any mood, whether shooting a commercial, music video, or feature film.

BeamLight Max90

The use of traditional tungsten bulbs or HMI/PAR lights is still common, but the industry is starting to recognize that LED lights, such as the Godox MG1200R RGB, are gradually replacing traditional light sources on film sets. Their advantages include energy efficiency, low heat emission, and the ability to adjust colors and intensity, making them more versatile than HMI, tungsten, or fluorescent lights. Thanks to these modern technologies, filmmakers can now achieve better lighting effects with less energy consumption and greater flexibility. With the MG1200R, they can also utilize a full color palette without needing to apply color filters.

Our Experience with the MG1200R RGB: First Tests

The first pre-release unit has already had the opportunity to accompany us at industry fairs and test shoots with friendly filmmakers. Although it's just the beginning, the Godox MG1200R RGB exceeds our expectations in every aspect - from build quality and ease of use to the incredible creative possibilities it offers.

During tests, we noticed that the MG1200R RGB performs excellently both in studio conditions and on location. Its versatility makes it an indispensable tool in any film production. We are thrilled to work with such equipment and can't wait to see it on your sets!


Godox Knowled App — Control the Light from Your Tablet via DMX

We also present the Godox KNOWLED app, a professional tool for tablets for smooth light control using the universal DMX protocol. This app transforms a tablet into a versatile lighting console, capable of managing all DMX lights with stable connections of any brand, supporting both CRMX and Art-Net connections. It provides convenient light mapping and an intuitive interface, increasing efficiency and ease of use in lighting setup. It's a great tool for controlling lights like the MG1200R! The app is available on the App Store and Google Play.


The Godox MG1200R RGB is the future of film lighting. We are proud to be the first to test this amazing light. The world of filmmaking is open, and with the MG1200R RGB, we can create even more spectacular and unforgettable images. Follow our blog and social media to stay up to date with the latest information. We hope to show more footage using this light soon!

Price and availability will be announced soon.


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