Your first set of microphones! Godox WEC [review]

Your first set of microphones! Godox WEC [review]

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In today's content creation landscape, audio quality is a key element, whether you're shooting YouTube videos, streaming, or recording professional videos. Today we would like to present you the Godox WEC Kit2 - an affordable wireless microphone system that sets a new standard in affordability and performance.

“Right here is the Godox WEC Kit2, a budget wireless mic system coming in as a two mics and a receiver”. - says LeechTM, a YouTube creator, filmmaker and hardware reviewer, comparing it to other popular microphone models such as the Wireless Go 2 from Rode.

It is also worth paying attention to the easy configuration of the entire set, which is quick and allows you to focus on recordings and not the long calibration process.

"Setting this up was actually pretty easy. You just need to connect one of the two sending to the receiver and plug this one in with the TIS cable into your camera. Or if you are recording with a smartphone, buy the TRRS cable into this, or if you actually have an iPhone with the newer generation which does not feature an audio jack anymore, you can get either a dongle from lightning to USB-C and connect it via this, or directly via USB-C to USB-C for the iPhone 15, and probably newer.”

Offering great sound quality and a range of up to 200 meters, the Godox WEC Kit2 includes essential accessories such as TRS and TRRS cables, USB-C, and outdoor windshields, all neatly stored in a compact box that doubles as a charger.

Godox WEC

"These mics do sound pretty good on their own, and the range itself is also pretty good [...] What really sets them apart is the charging case, capable of fully charging all components up to three times, providing up to eight hours of continuous use." claims LeechTM

Weighing only 12 grams per microphone, the lightweight design ensures comfort and convenience during use. Built-in features such as mono/stereo recording modes and noise reduction increase versatility in a variety of recording environments.

"To sum up, the Godox WEC Kit 2 is a pretty solid wireless microphone system that is very budget-friendly while providing good enough sound quality[...]." - ends his review LeechTM

Godox WEC

The Godox WEC Kit2 is an excellent choice for creators looking for an affordable, yet high-quality wireless microphone system. The product is distinguished by simple configuration, a convenient charging case and a lightweight microphone design. This makes it ideal for people recording content on YouTube and for small streamers. For a low price, you get reliable equipment that will significantly improve the sound quality in your productions.

Drop by the LeechTM channel and watch the full episode below (video recorded in English):

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