1. Any customer who creates an account at store.godox.eu automatically joins the program. Joining the program indicates acceptance of the following Terms and Conditions.

  2. Members of the Program receive 1 Point for every €1 spent in the Store. Points collected by the Customer can be used to obtain a discount code according to the rules described below.

  3. The minimum amount of points required to exchange for a €1 discount code is 100. An unlimited number of points can be collected under the program.

  4. Program participants can redeem any amount of points. The total value of the discount code is calculated from the amount of points exchanged and rounded to one decimal place.

  5. Discount codes and points earned in the Program remain valid for one year from the date of their acquisition and are not exchangeable for cash equivalent.

  6. Points are awarded upon completion of the order. If the ordered product is returned, the points awarded for its purchase will be revoked.

  7. The value of the discount code acquired in the Program cannot exceed the total value of the products in the shopping cart. The shipping cost of the order is not subject to discounts.

  8. Discount codes acquired in the Program may not be used in the name of or on behalf of third parties or for commercial purposes, such as further resale of products purchased using the code.

  9. Temporary special deals are offered for Customers participating in the Program. Their details will be announced on the Store's website and social media (Facebook, Instagram).

  10. The Store reserves the right to remove the Participant from the Program and/or withdraw the points awarded to them so far in case of violation of the Terms and Conditions.

  11. All information about the current account balance and the history of awarded and spent points is available in the "Your Account" tab on the Customer's account in the Store.

  12. For purchases made in a currency other than the Euro, 1 point is awarded for the equivalent of €1, according to the exchange rate in effect at the time.

  13. The Store reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Program at any time of its duration. In the event of termination of the Program, Point acquisition will be disabled, however, the Participants’ remaining points can still be used for a final discount.