Affiliate program

Are you running your own YouTube channel with video equipment reviews? Or maybe you're a photographer with a large following on Instagram? Now you can share Godox discount codes with your community and earn money on every product sold through your referral - join our program today!

Affiliate program - Step 1

Set up your Godox Store account

01. Sign into your account, head to the „My Account” tab and select „Become Affiliate”. Fill in the fields and provide a link to your most active social media profiles or portfolio, then wait for you account to be approved!

Affiliate program - Step 2

Launch your promotional campaign

02. Once your account is accepted, you will get access to a powerful affiliate dashboard where you can create campaigns, generate referral links, and view your statistics and commission summary.

Affiliate program - Step 3

Get paid for your referrals!

03. For every purchase made through your referral link, you will receive 5% of its value. You can also create your own, custom 7% discount code to share with your community.

Affiliate program - Step 4

Collect your commission

04. When you decide to cash out your commission, we'll ask you to issue an invoice, which will be paid within 7 business days. The minimum amount that can be withdrawn is €250. Can't issue an invoice? No problem! You can still use the funds you've collected to make a purchase in our store.

Click here to download more detailed, visual instructions for registration and campaign generation.