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Let's travel back to 1993 - that marked the debut of the first Godox equipment, ready to take on the market. For over three decades now, the brand has aimed to equip visual artists with high-quality lighting - initially offering only photography equipment. However, with the swift growth in the video industry and the evolving market demands, they gradually expanded their range to include filming equipment and accessories. Today, the brand prides itself on a comprehensive product range and a solid foothold in both the global and European markets for photography and video.
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Godox has earned global recognition among photographers thanks to its exceptional quality-to-price ratio. Despite its extremely affordable cost, the equipment provides wide-ranging functionality, as proved by extensive test measurements. The brand consistently contributes to the advancements in the lighting industry by introducing new technologies and equipment, pushing the boundaries established by previous solutions. Whether in the past or today, Godox gear remains an excellent alternative to expensive, brand-name photography and video lighting.
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As a leading distributor of the brand, we have been serving the needs of photographers and filmmakers with a comprehensive range of Godox equipment since 2019. Our distribution network spans across Europe, enabling us to contribute to the brand's ongoing development and growing popularity. Our range includes only top-quality equipment that is guaranteed to help fulfill any creative ambitions of any filmmaker or photographer!


Godox is continually advancing in tandem with the global photography & video market, consistently expanding its offerings with innovative and advanced gear to cater to the needs of millions of creators worldwide. Whether you're an established photographer, budding filmmaker, influencer, or streamer, our store not only provides equipment tailored to your specific requirements but also introduces you to countless tools that can unlock new creative possibilities and foster further growth in the industry.

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At the Godox Store, you'll discover the ideal photographic lighting to bring every single one of your artistic visions to life - from the simplest to the most intricate ones. As a store, we offer a vast array of flashes, light modifiers, and studio accessories, which include lighting stands and flash triggers.
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However, photography gear is not all we offer - our LED lights, preview monitors, and microphones will prove useful to any filmmaker, whether they're creating YouTube content or taking part in a cinematic production. Our extensive selection of streaming accessories will aid in attracting a broader audience to your live broadcasts.


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Godox Points
Earn Godox points while shopping and redeem them for discount codes! You’ll become a part of our loyalty program the moment you sign up - without any unnecessary complications or having to fill out additional forms! Read more »
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Superior service quality
Your satisfaction is our top priority. Rest assured, we're here for you from purchase to long-term use. Enjoy a 2-year warranty and continued support, plus affordable post-warranty repairs at our authorized service center.
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Stay connected with Godox to receive the latest updates on product launches and promotions, including exclusive discount codes exclusively for our subscribers!
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Sales & discounts
Discover daily deals on budget-friendly equipment with us! As the direct distributor of Godox gear, we go the extra mile. Each month, we run dozens of promotions that allow you to save on flashes, LED lighting, and other essential tools for photographers and filmmakers.
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Godox Store Business Solutions

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Affiliate Program
Are you a YouTuber or an Instagram influencer with a thriving community? Join forces with us! Sign up and take full advantage of our affiliate program. Recommend our products to your followers and earn a commission on every sale!
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Business Suite
At Godox Store, all VIES-registered, European business owners shop tax-free – sign up to our Business Suite and enjoy 0% VAT on all your gear!


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Are you running out of photoshoot ideas? Searching for innovative ways to utilize your gear? Make sure to visit our YouTube channel, where we feature captivating videos about photography and videography directly from Godox and affiliated creators.
For those of you who prefer perusing engaging articles over watching videos, we highly recommend our store's blog. Here, we share original content, rich with insights about photography and filming.
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