Add some color to your pictures!

Add some color to your pictures!

Chase the rainbow!

We are accustomed to natural colors that faithfully represent reality.
But maybe sometimes it's worth breaking with tradition and going wild? 


Check out the photos Ron Hautau took and how he handled the color challenge! 
Don't wait for a better time and start experimenting with color now!



Gear & Parameters:
Sony A7III | Tamron 28-75mm
f/5.6- 1/250 - ISO 200
The lights used for the photoshoot were:
Main light - Godox AD400 in 55cm Beauty Dish w/grid + teal gel
Contour light - 2 x Godox AD200 in 30x140 strip boxes w/ grids + orange gels
See the lighting scheme used for this shoot:

Let yourself be inspired!
Combine unusual colors, and if you want a tried and tested solution, use the color wheel, where opposing colors play well with each other!
Check out the interactive color wheel from Adobe!
Adobe Color Wheel

In our store you will find many lights and accesories that are perfect for colored sessions.
We have gel filters available for flashes, usually with barndoors and grids:


If you prefer small and handy RGB lights, we also have a great selection. You can use them both for movies and as a complementary element for photo shoots:
For the most demanding, we have complete lighting solutions that will cope well with any photographic session, but also create an amazing atmosphere during the film, music videos and artistic films.


We would like to remind you that black week is on!
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We also invite you to visit the profiles of the entire creative team:
Model: Emma Karle | NV Models & Talent 
Hair: Sarah Elisabeth 
Makeup: ohkeliyah

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