Godox TL60 LED Light Tube Unboxing

Godox TL60 LED Light Tube Unboxing

We get a lot of questions from you about the Godox TL60 Light Tube and what exactly is included in the set. We are glad that our new products are so popular!

We decided to record a video in which we show what is in the set, as well as what the tube itself looks like.

TL60 Tubes are available in our store:


And here's some more information about the TL60:

RGB Tube Light TL60 is a multifunctional RGB light with dual color temperature, high light brightness and wireless adjustment. Suitable for almost all shooting occasions e.g. live, camping, make up, portrait shooting, make up, video, wedding, children photography, etc. It's portable and easy to be operated.

Multi Color

Godox TL60 has full control over the color palette allowing you to adjust a single color from 360,000 shades. It is possible to light in a color temperature between 2700K - 6500K.

Light Quality

With multiple color modes, CRI 96 and TLCI 98, ultra smart control system, and flexible tube design, TL60 enables variety lighting setups to represent impressive performance on highly explore creativity, carry out high efficiency shooting and produce memorable magic moments.


The lamp can be controlled by a remote control, Godox Light application, directly on the panel or via DMX.


Power Supply

In order to deliver continuous power supply for long time shooting, TL60 equipped with built-in battery and power adapter to better support varies of shooting like film making.

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