Pro Sight, New Height! Godox Parabolic System is coming!

Pro Sight, New Height! Godox Parabolic System is coming!

Godox Parabolic System

For visual artists, there is no limit to investigate the possibility of light for expressions. Godox Parabolic Light Focusing System realizes a distinctive way to shape your light.

Your ultimate solution

Designed for fashion and portrait photographers, the Parabolic Reflector Kit offers clean and specular highlights while also providing a broad light source that wraps around your subject. 

Mars is calling!

The new Godox Parabolic Light Focusing System, with true parabolic reflector able to transform the way it spreads light, provides the variety in lighting that  Jvdas Berra ’s productions on planet Mars call for. Check out the video and discover how he enjoyed the experience of total freedom and creative versatility with the parabolic light force!

24-brace reflector

Thanks to the engineering preciseness and pursuit of excellence, the exquisite 24-brace reflector works perfectly as a light re-inventor creating dimensions no other light shapers could.

Focusing system

Benefiting from the focusing system you will get great light variations from just one modifier. Enter the world of parabolic light force exploring the pro light shaping!

Full Kit

The reflector features a highly reflective silver interior. In addition to the large reflector, this kit includes a PF-M Focusing Mount, PF-R870 Focusing Rod, PF-BM Strobe Adapter, PB-G1 Grip Kit, and a CB35 Carry Bag.

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