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Godox S60 LED Focusing Light with barndoor

VAT included

The S30 LED lamp with a power of 60W is a universal lighting tool that can be used both as a main light, as well as effect lights (many accessories) or a spot light (thanks to the focusing lens).

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S60Use this S60 LED Focusing Light from Godox for when you require variable beam focus backed by control and power options. The light has an expansive focusable beam spread of 6 to 55 degrees so you can use it as an accent light, a hair light, a long throw fixture, or a selective lighting tool. At 55 degrees it is easy to fill a silk or light a group. The included barndoors allow you to further shape the light.


FeaturesThe S60 has a solid, consistent color temperature of 5600K that can be converted to tungsten balance with a simple gel filter, and is dimmable from 0-100%. While you can make these adjustments locally on the fixture, Godox offers several ways to make them remotely. The S60 is controllable from a console via onboard DMX, wirelessly with a smartphone app, or with an optional remote controller that has a range of 164'. The S60 is ready for worldwide use thanks to its 100 to 240V power supply, but you can also run it via its controller's V-mount battery plate when AC power is unavailable.


Precise Control of Light CoverageWith a beam angle from 6 to 55 degrees, you can get the output spread size you need by adjusting the rotary knob on the back. An optional projecting lens makes it useful lighting details.


Outstanding Lighting EffectsAn aspheric optical lens gives the S60 CRI/TLCI ratings of 96+/97+ and guarantees natural, pristine color in any application. The light intensity of the focused spot yields an increase of around 4 stops from its flood setting. It also offers adjustable brightness from 0-100% for more flexible control.


A Choice of Light ShapersThe S60 was created for diverse lighting style abilities. With the many light shaping accessories such as barndoors, you can tailor the light to whatever pattern you require.


Even BeamAspheric optical lens yields even light from edge to edge.


Power AnywhereThe S60 comes with a separate control box which supports AC power or an optional V-mount battery for location shooting.


Optional Remote ControlWith a built-in Bluetooth system, the S60 can be remotely adjusted for the setting on the user-friendly "Godox Light" app. It also supports optional RC-A6 wireless remote control.


In package:- Godox S60 LED Focusing Light
- Controller Box
- Barndoor Set
- Connect Cable
- Power Cable
- Wrench

Data sheet content

Lampy LED

Fitting type
Godox SA-P
Brightness (lux)
Measurement taken from
Power in W
Power control
on device, DMX, Godox app, RC-A6 remote
Colour Temperature (K) +/- 200K
Godox S60 LED Focusing Light Controller Box Barndoor Set Connect Cable Power Cable Wrench
Power Supply
AC power or V-port battery
Dimensions in cm
Weight (in kg)

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