Godox universal S-R1 Speedlite adapter for round Godox accessories

VAT included

Godox S-R1 adapter for speedlite flash to allow the installation of accessories (for V1 round head flash)  that give different lighting effects.

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S-R1Attaching very quickly via a thumbscrew, the Round Head Magnetic Modifier Adapter is the base component of a magnetic system that attaches simply and quickly to square-shaped speedlights from Godox, Nikon, Canon, and Sony.


Secure GripThe S-R1 adapter slides onto rectangular flash heads to provide a round magnetic mounting point. Gridded rubber mats on the inside surface of the adapter provide scratch-free grip, and a knurled knob on top helps tighten the adapter around flashes of different sizes.


Fast, Magnetic MountingRound magnetic modifier attaches to most square-shaped flashes such as Godox series:
- Godox V860II
- V850II
- TT685
- TT600
- and other Nikon, Canon, and Sony flash units


CooperationThanks to the S-R1, you can use the AK-R1 set also in units with a rectangular flashes quickly to the front of the adapter via magnets. Separately available accessories opens the way for you to modifiers such as barndoors, a dome, a honeycomb grid, a snoot, bounce card, and gel filters.


Set contains:- S-R1 adapter
- Original packaging

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