Godox V1 and AD200 round flash head accessories kit AK-R1

VAT included

A set of absolutely necessary accessories in professional work with photographic lighting for the Godox AD100Pro, AD200/AD200Pro device and for the Godox V1 lamp series.

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AK-R1Godox AK-R1 includes magnetically attached modifiers that maximize the capabilities of the circular flash head.


CompatibilityThe accessories from the set are compatible with lamps such as AD100Pro, H200R (AD200 / 200Pro), V1, R1 RGB, as well as speedlights with a rectangular head after using the S-R1 adapter.


InstallationThe magnetic accessory adapter ensures simple and quick installation. Accessories are magnet mounted and can be stacked on top of each other if required.


Dome diffuserThe dome diffuser can be used in several ways. Its purpose is to spread light in more than 180 degrees equally. By using the dome diffuser our light will have no rim at all for example, and we can imitate ambient lighting in a room with it. Also we can use it with an umbrella, the dome will fill it with light in a nice and even way. If we use it with a regular speedlight bounced on the ceiling, then it will give us a nice even soft light everywhere and brighter background behind our subject.


BarndoorA construction that is simple and at the same time very practical in use, a cap that allows you to control the direction of the light from the flash.


Bounce cardIt’s designed mainly for speedlights and event photography. We usually use it when we bounce the light from the ceiling, while the bounce card gives us a little fill light directly on the subject, making the shadows a bit brighter. The card has a black and a white side, white is for bouncing light, black is for masking in one direction.


HoneycombA small attachment with which you can narrow and better direct the light beam. Its application allows to obtain a light spot with smooth tonal transitions.


Adapter with gel filtersOne of the most important accessories during professional location lighting. If we want to achieve lifelike results in our photo, we’ll have to match the color of the artificial lights to the ambient lights. That is what temperature adjustment gels are good for. If we want to achieve special effects, then artistic gels are required for the job. The Godox AK-R1 set contains only a few gels with light temperature adjustment (6 pcs) - more are available in sets with Godox V11C gel filters - for artistic purposes, and Godox V11T - for temperature adjustment.


SnootOne of the most popular accessories used in studio photography. It's an essential accessory for modeling light. With its help you can softly and pointly put a light on a selected part of the stage. Perfect for illuminating hair or for a dramatic light accent.


  • Dome diffuser
  • Wide angle diffuser
  • Barndoor
  • Bounce card
  • Honeycomb
  • Adapter with gel filters
  • Snoot
  • Portable bag
  • Original packaging

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