Godox External flash head H600P for AD600Pro

VAT included

The H600P Hand-held extension head for the Godox AD600 Pro series of outdoor portable flash strobe units. This unit comes with Bowens mount and offers 600Ws of output power (taken from AD600 Pro). The long extension wire gives you more convenience when shooting, making it ideal for outdoor and studio photography. You can also hold the flash head or attach it to a light stand.

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H600PGodox H600P is a flash head that can be used with Godox AD600Pro series lamps. It allows the installation of a 600Ws flash tube supplied with the lamp. The use of the H600P head significantly increases the usability of the lighting set.


New possibilitiesThe 183 cm long cable, which the head is equipped with, gives a wide range of possibilities to mount the set on boom stands or to place it in hard to reach places. The flash head is also great when very tall light stands are used during the session.


VersatilityGodox H600P has a universal mounting to a studio light stand, and the angle of inclination of the head can be adjusted. The head is equipped with a Bowens mount and an umbrella holder.


Modeling lightThe head has a 10W LED modeling light, which allows for precise lighting arrangement.


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