Godox H200R round flash head for AD200

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Godox H200R round head with 200Ws power for Godox AD200, providing even and soft light. The magnetic rim for mounting modifiers makes work easier.




H200R The round Godox H200R flash head with 200Ws flash energy is designed for Godox AD200 and AD200Pro lamps.


Soft lightDesigned to provide an eye-pleasing and very natural light distribution on the scene being photographed, even when no additional light modifiers are used.


Spiral flash tube This effect was achieved by using a spiral flash tube surrounded by a reflector with a parabolic profile. The whole thing is closed under a white, translucent diffusing screen.


Additional functionsThe head is equipped with a LED modeling light with a maximum power of 4.3 W. In addition, a magnetic system for mounting accessories is available to the user. It allows you to quickly and efficiently attach additional light modifiers to the head, such as color filters, grids, snoots, gates and other modifiers.

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