Godox H400P Extension Head for AD400Pro

VAT included

The H400P extension Head for the Godox AD400 Pro series of outdoor portable flash strobe units. This unit comes with Bowens mount and offers 400Ws of output power (taken from AD400 Pro). 

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H400PThe compact and lightweight H400P Extension Head for Wistro AD400Pro from Godox is an 8-foot head (~240cm) extension that weighs less than half of the AD400Pro flash, making it possible to use boom arms and light stands that might not otherwise support its weight. Even with the AD400Pro's small form factor, the diminutive H400P can fit into even tighter spaces, allowing greater versatility in unusual setups, like automotive interiors, macro photography, and small product shots.


SafetyThe long extension wire gives you more convenience when shooting, making it ideal for outdoor and studio photography. You can also hold the flash head or attach it to a light stand.


Easy assemblySimply unplug the flashtube and move it to the extension head, then plug the cable into the strobe with the twist-lock connector.


VersatileThe integrated Bowens-style reflector mount allows Wistro light modifiers to be used without an adapter, and also provides compatibility with a wide variety of other accessories. The extension features a fully dimmable, fan-cooled LED modeling light that can be controlled from the main strobe body, and a fully adjustable stand adapter with an integrated umbrella shaft socket.


Set contains:- Godox H400P flash head for AD400Pro
- Original Packaging

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