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Godox F200Bi Knowled Flexible LED Panel

Foldable & DurableThe KNOWLED Flexible LED Mat boasts a unique foldable design, allowing it to be effortlessly folded along pre-set lines. This feature not only protects the LED beads, ensuring exceptional durability and reliable lighting, but...

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Godox Space Panel P600BI Knowled LED

P600BiThe P600Bi has a maximum light output of 650 W Bi-colour LED light fixture with variable colour temperatures. This enables you to control the colour temperature of the light anywhere between 2800K and 6500K. enabling you to either match...

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Godox R1 mini lámpara RGB (Gris)

Godox R1 La lámpara redonda LED R1 es un dispositivo compacto y liviano que es lo suficientemente pequeño como para sostenerlo en la mano o guardarlo en el bolsillo. R1 tiene un alto índice de reproducción cromática CRI 98 y TLCI 97, lo que...

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Godox TL180 tubo de luz RGB

Godox TL180Low-profile, self-contained and portable, TL180 is a 180cm RGBWW tube light designed to benefit filmmakers, content creators, videographers and photographers. As the latest member of Godox tube light TL series, it’s more powerful and...

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Godox ES30 E-Sports LED Panel Kit

ES30Want to get started in e-sports streaming but don’t know how to look professional to the audience? Find your answer on ES30. Portable and affordable with super soft illumination, it reduces the harsh shadow on your face and creates a...

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Godox TL120 tubo de luz

Godox TL120Struggle with a shot that fails to display your imagination, or desire for more power to ignite the viewers? You can always find better answers on lights. TL120 gives freedom shaping the visual impacts in any forms, try these stylish...

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Godox WL8P Waterproof LED light

WL4BAs a pocket-sized LED lamp with a durable metal body, it is ideal for shooting and filming on the move, even in challenging conditions. With high brightness, high color accuracy and adjustable color temperature, WL8P combines performance...

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