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Godox Pixel Tube TP8R Knowled RGBWW Tube Light (230 cm)
  • Godox Pixel Tube TP8R Knowled RGBWW Tube Light (230 cm)
  • Godox Pixel Tube TP8R Knowled RGBWW Tube Light (230 cm)
  • Godox Pixel Tube TP8R Knowled RGBWW Tube Light (230 cm)
  • Godox Pixel Tube TP8R Knowled RGBWW Tube Light (230 cm)

Godox Pixel Tube TP8R Knowled RGBWW Tube Light (230 cm)

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Using Godox Pixel Tubes TP8R you'll always light up the scene in a striking way! The tubes provide access to millions of colors to match the mood of any movie or photo shoot. TP8R are 230 cm long tubes with 83 watts of power.

Note: Please contact us if you wish to order TP8R Tubes. Due to the size of the tubes, shipment is carried out on individual terms.


TP8RThe stylish tool to give life to the scene and dictate the mood – pixel light, a single one can perform abundant colors and different visual moods, will take infinite inspiration for you. Knowled brings you a series of pixel lights with high pixel density, superior color quality, and multiple length options. Assisting in showing your next-level imagination, TP series is perfect.


Creative spaceWith the CCT range from 2000K to 10000K in 100K increments, and hue adjustment from 0° to 360°, millions of colors are under your control, and scenes with visual appeal of sorts can be easily created.


High Pixel DensityThe superior pixel density makes it easy to get true-to-life scenes. Being able to control more separate pixels grants a smoother pixel movement, which simulates the actual light moving more vividly and enables more precise pixel mapping. Additionally, you can program pixel parameters in three built-in pixel effects including chase, flow and fade.


Different LengthsThe lights come in three different sizes: 60 cm, 120 cm, and 240 cm. 60 cm lets you hide the lights around the scene easily. 120 cm enables you to create a variety of looks. 240 cm makes it easy to set up dramatic and impressive spaces. Working with three sizes of lights, you can create diverse attractive patterns and get more creative in building scenes.


Connecting MethodsMultiple connecting ways are available, wireless CRMX, wired DMX, and the updated Godox Light 3.0. The built-in wireless DMX module by LumenRadio makes controlling the light more convenient and enables you to operate the light with other professional lights in the same control system.


More Accurate AdjustmentTo manage the number of occupied channels, you can switch between 8bit and 16bit modes. 8bit is a fine choice when you have a limited number of channels and need to control more lights. 16bit will play its role when you prefer to get more precise control of color and brightness.


Considerate DetailOn board screen can be rotated 180 degrees for easy reading after setting up the lights. It eliminates the need to turn your head to adjust the parameters, even in challenging positions.


MappingThe mapping capability of the light simplifies the process of simulating real-life scenarios. By using mapping software to project video onto a pixel light array, you can acheive light effects that no regular lights are able to. Mapping ensures that changes in light and shadows on illuminated objects appear natural and seamless.


In package:

  • 1x Godox TP8R tube,
  • 1x AC adapter,
  • 1x power cable,
  • 1x carry bag,
  • 2 x screw bolt,
  • 2 x steel rope,
  • 4x clamp.

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