Studio photography relies heavily on professional equipment to help you achieve your creative and aesthetic goals. However, in order to work freely in your own space, it is also necessary to equip yourself with all the practical studio accessories that will facilitate your tasks and help you achieve the desired effects in your photos. With the accessories we offer, you will streamline your work on set and expand your options for setting up and fixing lights. Deciding to buy Godox equipment, you can be sure of many years of use. We offer a range of spare parts for the fastest-wearing items, such as flash tubes or modelling light bulbs. When shopping at the Godox Store, you can also stock up on capacious batteries, dedicated to individual flash models. We also have a wide selection of chargers and power supplies, designed for use with our brands' lighting equipment.

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Light modifiers are also a key piece of photography studio equipment, giving you the ability to adjust and customize your lighting setup to fit the visual objectives of a particular shoot or project. One of the most popular and best modeling solutions are softboxes, whose task is to reflect, disperse and direct the light of a studio flash or COB LED lights. We offer square, rectangular and octagonal modifiers, as well as new solutions in the shape of a hexa- or octadecagon, which closely resemble a circle. Among them you will find classic rod-mounted softboxes, but also more advanced options, such as parabolic and spherical softboxes. Grids available in our offer are perfectly matched to both lights and modififers they're specifically made for. A variety of adapters are available to help you attach Godox softboxes to lights with a different mounting standard, such as Elinchrom, Profoto, or Broncolor lights. Another popular type of light modifier is a photographic umbrella. This is a solution aimed at a wide range of artists, available in a considerable price range – amateurs and enthusiasts can use the classic, low-budget series, while professionals are provided with parabolic and spherical umbrellas. This kind of modifier has varied properties – there are reflective models in silver, white and gold finish, as well as translucent ones, used to diffuse harsh lighting. Another unique solution for modeling studio lighting are snoots and spotlight attachments which narrow the light flux. We supply specialized solutions with interchangeable lenses that allow for the attachment of GOBOs. Beauty dishes, shallow reflectors with sizable surfaces made for portraits and commercial beauty photography, are another item of particular interest to photographers. This category also includes barn doors used to control light spread. They're sold both individually and in sets with basic color filters which allow you to change the light's hue. The Godox Store's exceptionally wide range of light modifiers guarantees every photographer and filmmaker a choice of accessories exactly suited to their needs, and thus – access to variety of effects which aim to give their shots a specific style and mood.

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Our offer of product photography solutions is addressed to a wide range of customers, regardless of their photography skill level. Professional product and packshot photographers can purchase folding shooting tables as a practical studio solution. When lit properly, these tables will enable you to photograph objects without them casting shadows. On the other hand, if you own your own company and want to try your hand at product photography, a shooting tent with built-in LED lighting will be the best solution. They'll make it possible for you to quickly and cheaply take gorgeous photographs for your internet store.

Expensive equipment demands careful handling and safe storage solutions. Our selection of bags and cases will keep your equipment safe and sound, both during transport and in storage – Godox Store offers all-purpose solutions, as well as those dedicated to particular models of flash and LED lights. We also do our best to make our assortment diverse and appealing – as part of this principle, we have expanded our offer to include preview monitors for digital & cine cameras. With them, you can get an accurate view of your current shot, as well as detailed information on exposure, focus settings or framing, which makes them an effective way to improve your productivity and ergonomics in video recording.

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Godox LSA-14 Boom Arm with C-Clamp

LSA-15The 140-centimeter Godox LSA-14 arm features a C-clamp for mounting on a tripod or other support. The arm has a minimum length of 56 cm, maximum tube diameter of 22.2 mm, and minimum diameter of 16 mm. Included: 1x Godox LSA-14 arm.

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Godox LSA-16 Boom Arm with Reflector Holder

LSA-16This aluminum boom arm with reflector holder is designed for use on a light stand. It can be used to mount not only a reflector but also to precisely adjust the angle and hold it firmly in the chosen position. The minimum length of the...

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Godox RFT-19 Reflector 18 cm (7")

RFT-19The RFT-19 reflector is a modifier that allows you to direct and focus light on a specific element of the scene. Its specially designed polished silver interior ensures that the light beam is exceptionally strong and focused. The...

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Godox 36° Lens for G-Mount System

GP Dedicated to the Godox G-Mount system, the GP 36° lens, when paired with the projection attachment, allows for a controlled and uniform light beam with a 36° angle with clean edges and increased brightness. The offered 36° lens provides a...

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Godox 26° Lens for G-Mount System

GP Dedicated to the Godox G-Mount system, the GP 26° lens, when paired with the projection attachment, allows for a controlled and uniform light beam with a 19° angle with clean edges and increased brightness. The offered lens of 26° provides a...

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Godox 19° Lens for G-Mount System

GP Dedicated to the Godox G-Mount system, the GP 19° lens, when paired with the projection adapter, allows for a controlled and uniform light beam with a 19° angle with clean edges and increased brightness. The 19° lens offers the narrowest...

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Godox GP-ID Iris Diaphragm for G-Mount System

GP-ID The diaphragm dedicated to projection attachments from the G-Mount system shapes the light beam and allows for reducing the thrown circle. It is a great accessory for achieving theatrical lighting on set or selective object lighting. The...

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