Step into the world of professional video production lighting with the KNOWLED™ series. This exceptional line of LED lights not only delivers powerful output but also boasts an unrivaled ability to cater to the dynamic requirements of modern video production. With their assistance, you can bring your creative visions to life, crafting breathtaking frames where light serves as a vital element of artistic expression.

The KNOWLED™ series of LED COB (Chip-on-Board) lights are versatile tools specifically designed for professional video & film productions, affording you complete freedom of expression. Their sturdy construction harmonizes seamlessly with innovative technology, resulting in lighting equipment that is primed to meet the most demanding standards. Optimized for a range of productions, KNOWLED™ cine lights offer multiple power options, enabling you to adapt comprehensively to any production needs.

Godox offers two types of COB LED lights: Daylight, which provides a fixed color temperature, and Bi-Color, which offers a versatile range of adjustable color temperatures. With a wide span from 2800 to 6500 K, these lights allow for a quick transformation of the on-set atmosphere, eliminating the need for color filters. Equipped with advanced features and exceptional performance, the KNOWLED™ series lights not only enhance the quality of your production but also expand your creative boundaries. These precise tools allow you to express your vision while delivering unmatched lighting quality and control.

In the art of filmmaking, meticulous mastery over lighting is vital for setting the right mood and atmosphere. The KNOWLED™ series also encompasses revolutionary LED panels and LED mats specifically designed for professional film sets. Each model offers Bi-Color lighting with a wide range of color control, while adhering to the highest standards for cinema lighting with high CRI and TLCI values. Light control can be accomplished through a DMX controller or the user-friendly Godox Light mobile app. KNOWLED™ panels can operate either through a power source or V-Lock batteries, ensuring remarkable flexibility at all times.

The Godox P600 Bi Hard LED panel stands as one of the most innovative solutions within the KNOWLED™ series. Its remarkably advanced design introduces a groundbreaking feature—the ability to adjust the angle of the light beam to either 40 or 55 degrees. This newfound capability allows for precise fine-tuning of the light's range, proving invaluable when working on expansive sets. Unlike amateur LED panels, this model ensures consistent power output regardless of the color temperature, providing unrestricted flexibility and versatility.

Godox's KNOWLED™ series waterproof LED mats bring a fresh dimension of dynamism to the film industry. These highly flexible light sources offer unparalleled versatility. With a significantly lighter weight than traditional LED panels, these mats are not only easy to transport but also simple to install, providing mobility and efficiency at every stage of filming. Their exceptional durability and water resistance make them indispensable for shooting scenes in heavy rain. Whether illuminating small, confined spaces or vast areas, these LED mats are the perfect lighting solution.

Godox's KNOWLED™ RGB Pixel LED tubes revolutionize the traditional approach to lighting as an innovative light source. Their unique pixel-based design allows for the creation of intricate lighting effects with exceptional precision. These cutting-edge tubes stand out for their programmable light feature, offering complete control over the atmosphere of your production. With adjustable color temperature ranging from 2000 to 10000 K and unrestricted access to the full RGB color palette, they prove to be an incredibly versatile creative tool.

When you invest in Godox's KNOWLED™ series, you'll not only acquire superior lighting but also gain access to an extensive range of accessories and professional G-Mount light modifiers for MG1200 Bi lights. This selection includes softboxes, reflectors, and spotlight projection attachments, among other items, all meticulously designed to meet the expectations of professionals in the film industry. By incorporating these accessories, you can transform the KNOWLED™ system into a comprehensive tool for creative lighting on the production set.

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Godox KNOWLED P600R RGB LED Light Panel

P600RExceptionally durable and versatile panel from the professional KNOWLED series is a powerful RGB light that comes in handy on film sets, during live broadcasts, or even during photo sessions. Convenient ControlThe P600R doesn't tether...

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Godox KNOWLED P300R RGB LED Light Panel

P300RExceptionally durable and versatile panel from the professional KNOWLED series is a powerful RGB light that comes in handy on film sets, during live broadcasts, or even during photo sessions. Convenient ControlThe P300R doesn't tether...

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Godox C10R Creative Bulb Knowled RGBWW

Special Task BulbsMake your film sets more diverse with the practical KNOWLED RGBWW C10R bulbs. Variable color temperature, a diverse color palette, accurate color reproduction, and no flicker allow you to easily create any effect....

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Godox AT200Bi KNOWLED Air Tube Light

Soft LightThe AT200Bi is the ultimate solution for achieving soft lighting in a portable form. By combining an LED mat with an inflatable softbox, its expansive emitting surface ensures gentle, uniform, and virtually shadow-free illumination....

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Godox KNOWLED MG2400Bi LED Light

Full power at full rangeThe MG2400Bi uses Godox COB technology to give the unit a massive 2600W of power, and allows it to be used at any color temperature, from 2800K to 6500K, without any drop in power. The brightness from the Godox MG2400Bi...

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Godox TimoLink RX Wireless DMX Receiver

TimoLinkBuilt with Lumenradio's CRMX modules, the TimoLink RX is a wireless DMX receiver compatible with Godox or third-party lights with DMX control capabilities. TimoLinks are ideal for filming, streaming and other applications where wireless...

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