Ensure that you have a reliable power source for your speedlights and outdoor flash by exploring the category below. Discover a diverse range of dedicated flash batteries, including those designed for the Godox V1 and AD200. Don't restrict yourself when it comes to capturing unforgettable shots - equip your photographic equipment with spare batteries to ensure uninterrupted power. With backup batteries in your lighting kit, you can focus solely on capturing perfect frames without the worry of battery depletion during a photo shoot. Elevate your photography experience with reliable and long-lasting power solutions.

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Godox WB100Pro Battery for AD100Pro

Godox WB100ProThe battery works with the AD100Pro lamp, due to its small size it makes the whole set small and handy. The WB100Pro charges quickly and lasts for around 360 flashes at full power. Included: WB100Pro Battery Original...

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Godox BH-P1 Battery Adapter Plate Panasonic

With the Godox BH-P1 Panasonic Plate it is possible to use a Panasonic VW-VBG6 battery on the video LED lamps from Godox. Lamps such as the LED 126, 170, 308Y and 308W can be powered with a battery as well as with a power adapter. The most...

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Godox WB30PRO Battery for AD300Pro

Godox WB30PROThe battery is loaded into the underside of the AD300 Pro strobe unit to keep it super compact due to its small size. The WB30P offers a recycle time of just 0.01-1.5s with up to approximately 320 full power flashes....

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Godox WB1200 2600mAh battery for AD1200Pro

WB1200The rechargeable and interchangeable high capacity 2.6Ah 36V Lithium energy pack frees the serious shooter to illuminate with the dynamic and commanding Godox AD1200Pro anywhere, touting a long-lasting 96.6-watt hour reserve master...

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Godox spare battery VB26 for V1

Godox VB-26 Lithium-ion battery designed for Godox V1S / V1C / V1N / V1F / V1O / V1P flash units. The battery has a capacity of 2600 mAh and a constant voltage of 7.2 V. The long-lasting design allows for multiple charging. Can be used as a...

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