One of the factors influencing the positive reception of the finished video is a correctly recorded audio track. For this reason, you should only utilize tried-and-true solutions with solid parameters in order to get the best outcomes possible. The extensive audio selection in the Godox Store includes microphones made for cameras, camcorders, smartphones, or sound recorders, with a range of parameters, designs, and applications. By shopping in our store, you can be confident that you're making the right choice, and we'll be happy to assist by giving you all the information you need on the solutions that are available.

Godox WMicS1 Pro UHF

The basic and best-known solution for voice recording are the versatile lavalier microphones, which are used most often when the priority is to get an isolated, clear voice track with a natural sound. They come in several different versions, guaranteeing a choice that meets the needs of your video. Single lavalier microphones are perfect for recordings involving one speaker, while dual lavalier microphones allow you to record two interviewees at the same time, without the need for extra takes. For videos where verbally transmitted content matters - tutorials, unboxings or educational materials – this is the simplest and most often chosen solution.

Shotgun microphones are used in situations where you expect a natural-sounding voice from an actor, without the need to sacrifice ambient sounds. This setup is most often used on movie sets, TV series and commercials. This type of microphone is commonly mounted on a boom pole and directed towards the recorded scene from above, but it can also successfully serve as an on-camera microphone. Each model has at least one type of directional pattern - either cardioid or supercardioid – so that they work best in picking up sounds from the side they are facing, while muffling those coming from outside the set. The longer their housing, the more accurately they capture distant sound sources. In order to avoid interference from the sound engineer's movements, they are very often fixed in special mounts that isolate them from vibrations.

Wireless audio recording is often associated with significant hardware expenses. To meet the needs of creators with a limited budget, we offer wireless microphone kits at remarkably affordable prices. Godox MoveLink system is a series of lightweight and extremely compact wireless microphones, designed for vloggers, youtubers and intermediate filmmakers. Although their transmitters can function as a stand-alone microphone, lavaliers are also provided for uses that call for discretion. Receivers come in a variety of versions that enable them to function with a variety of recording devices, including cameras and camcorders, tablets, computers and smartphones equipped with a Lightning or USB-C connector. The WMic set in classic and Pro editions is the second example of a wireless microphone system available in our selection. This is a more sophisticated solution that includes the WH-M1 wireless microphone in addition to the set of lavaliers, as well as extra XLR transmitters that allow the use of microphones from outside of the WMic system. They are based on UHF (Ultra High Frequency) technology, which minimizes the risk of interference from other devices using radio protocols. As with the MoveLink system, the receiver supports two channels and offers real-time soud quality monitoring. Our wireless options flawlessly transmit audio over both short and long distances.

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Godox Virso TX 2,4 GHz Wireless Transmitter

Virso Virso offers unprecedented recording capabilities while maintaining work comfort. Virso is a wireless microphone system characterized by very long battery life for all-day creation, ideal for interviews, vlogs, streams, or documentary...

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Godox IVM-S3 Stereo On-Camera Microphone

From every angle The versatile stereo microphone for cameras. With its lightweight, elegant, curved scissor construction, switchable reception angles, and precise sound tuning, the IVM-S3 offers tailored audio solutions for camera and...

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Godox IVM-S2 Compact Shotgun Microphone

Take it to the next levelElevate your recordings with the IVM-S2 microphone. It's a complete solution that ensures excellent sound, versatile functionality, and reliable durability. Compact and affordable, perfect for vlogging, streaming...

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Godox VS-Mic Shotgun Compact Microphone

Compact Shotgun Microphone Anti Extended High Low Anti RF Compact and Environmental Frequency Sensitivity Self-noise Disturbance Portable Noise Response. To take your creation up a notch, the sound quality of your recording is definitely a...

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Godox AI2C 2-channel Audio Interface

Connect with the WorldToday, live streaming has become an important way for many creators to be heard and connect with fans. The AI2C supports both computers and smartphones for live, always delivering your voice clearly and naturally wherever...

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