The phrase is used to describe a photographic technique that makes use of hot shoe flashes that are triggered remotely. When taking pictures of people, it is especially helpful because the portraits it produces have excellent quality and ideal exposure. On-camera flashes allow you to balance the lighting in the foreground and background of any outdoor photographs, as well as quickly and easily put together a studio-like photo shoot without the use of bulky lights. Softboxes and umbrellas, color filters, tripods, and lamp holders are just a few of the useful accessories you can find in the category below to use when shooting with this technique.

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Godox SB2030 Portable Speedlite Softbox

SB2030This Camera Flash Diffuser Softbox (20cm x 30cm) can diffuse and soften the light, eliminate red eye and reduce harsh shadows and the harsh glare spots from flash to provide natural and sweet pictures. As a result, you will be getting a...


Softbox GODOX SB-UBW80 umbrella 80cm octa

SB-UBWThe GODOX series SB-UBW softbox not only saves valuable time, but also makes it easier to work on the set. This is possible thanks to the frame, which uses the principle of the umbrella. The plating fabric is stretched and held in tension...


Godox S2 type Bracket (holder)

New VersionS2 bracket is a better version of its predecessor, has less size and is more compact and portable than the original S type bracket. Smart designHas no-slip surface, mounts with light pressure. Compatible with all Bowens-mount...