Capture summer moments: a guide to outdoor photography with Godox lights

Capture summer moments: a guide to outdoor photography with Godox lights

Take the lights into the open air!

Outdoor photography has always been of interest to both professional and amateur photographers. One of the basic tools in an outdoor photographer's kit are reflectors. These are inexpensive and simple solutions, with which almost every photographer started his photographic adventure. However, they have their limitations. They are dependent on the ambient light, it is more difficult to choose the power, and they simply cease to be sufficient at a certain stage. For a long time, the outdoor flash market was reserved for professionals. This was due to the high complexity of the units, their weight and price. Thanks to the continuous development of technology, the flash market now offers advanced models that raise the photographic bar by several degrees. In this article, we will focus on the advantages of using Godox flash units from the AD mobile series.


Mobility for active developers:

Godox AD-series lights are designed for photographers who do studio and indoor sessions, but also want to go outdoors to places where there is no access to electricity. The AD series flashes are extremely handy and convenient to carry, making them ideal for outdoor sessions, travel or reportage. The weight and size of these flashes are optimized, without sacrificing light quality and power. For example:

AD100Pro: 524 g (with battery)

AD600Pro: 4 kg (with battery)


source: SLRLounge

Ease of use for all:

Whether you are an experienced photographer or just starting out, Godox lights are extremely easy to use. The intuitive interface and clear control panel make managing lighting settings a breeze. For beginners, it's perfect for focusing on creativity rather than confusing menus.


Revolutionary wireless system:

All AD-series lights are equipped with the advanced X radio system, which allows remote control of the lights from a single location. This allows the photographer to easily adjust the power or mode of the flash without interrupting his work. Dedicated radio transmitters are compatible with many camera models, making the whole system extremely versatile. One transmitter can operate multiple lamps simultaneously, making large sets extremely effective. In our store you will find XT32, X2 and XPro models.

Powerful power, powerful capabilities:

If you want to maintain mobility, but at the same time need high power, able to "put out the sun" for a while, the obvious choice would be the top models in the AD series. The AD600Pro and AD1200Pro feature excellent performance, providing the powerful light that is essential for professional portrait, sports, architecture or fashion photography. The AD600Pro has a flash energy of 600Ws, while the AD1200Pro offers as much as 1200Ws. This tremendous flash power allows full control of the set even in bright sunlight.


Godox AD flashes meet the requirements of even the most demanding photographers. Their mobility, ease of use, great radio system and immense power make them an indispensable tool for anyone who puts quality in their photography. Whether you work outdoors or in the studio, these flashes are sure not to disappoint your expectations, allowing you to focus on creating beautiful and unique photographs.

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