Discover the world of RGB colors with Godox gear!

Discover the world of RGB colors with Godox gear!

The Magic of Colors at Your Fingertips

In the world of photography and filmmaking, where technology aids creativity, an infinite palette of possibilities appears. We invite you to discover how, with the use of colors, you can introduce not only hues into your films and photos but also a unique atmosphere.

RGB lights (Red, Green, Blue) are true wizards among lighting equipment. They allow for mixing basic colors of light, enabling practically any atmosphere to be achieved. This is not only a great way to diversify your photos and films, but also to introduce a specific mood or emphasize emotions in the story being told. If you want, create a color frenzy on your set! But if color is only to emphasize and deepen the emotions of the main character, to create an atmosphere in the scene, RGB lighting discreetly allows building the mood. Godox, as a renowned lighting equipment manufacturer, offers a range of RGB products that open the door to a world where only imagination sets the limit.


LED Lighting also for Photographers

This article focuses on continuous RGB light, which may be associated with the videography industry. Of course, such light is perfectly suited for lighting videos, both feature, documentaries, or commercials, but also for vlogging, streaming. However, it is worth remembering that modern LED lighting can also be an interesting choice for photographers who do not have to stick to flash lighting. Godox LED lamps offer high power, generate little heat, and are exceptionally easy to control (especially through the Godox Light app). Thanks to this, modern photo sets are places where you can increasingly see continuous light lamps.


LED Lights

Godox RGB LED lights are universal and extremely versatile tools. Ideal for photographers and filmmakers needing powerful lighting, which additionally can be easily controlled with hundreds of available modifiers. Among Godox RGB lamps we can find:

Godox SL150R RGB LED Video Light

Godox SL300R RGB LED Video Light

Godox SZ300R RGB Zoom LED Video Light

LED Panels

When you need even light without the need for modifiers, Godox RGB panels will be the perfect choice. Excellent for lighting smaller spaces where lamps take up too much room, they allow for precise adjustment of intensity and color of light. Whether you're working in a studio or outdoors, RGB panels will provide you with the necessary light. Among the Godox panels we can mention:

Godox KNOWLED P600R RGB LED Light Panel

Godox KNOWLED P300R RGB LED Light Panel

Godox LD150RS RGB Panel Light

Godox LDX100R RGBWW LED Panel Light

Godox LDX50R RGBWW LED Panel Light

Godox FH50R RGB Flexible Handheld LED Panel

LED Tubes

Thanks to their mobility and compact size, you can place them almost anywhere, creating extraordinary lighting effects. You can make constructions that will be visible in the frame, hide them behind the set, or ask an assistant to shine them "by hand". Among the tubes, we find standard models from the TL series, professional KNOWLED Pixel tubes, but also underwater WT tubes that can be submerged, even to a depth of 40 m. Example of RGB tubes:

Godox TL30 K2 Tube Light RGB x2 set

Godox TL30 K4 Tube LED Light kit x4

Godox TL180 Tube Light RGB

Godox Pixel Tube TP2R Knowled RGBWW Tube Light (60 cm)

Godox Pixel Tube TP4R Knowled RGBWW Tube Light (120 cm)

Godox Pixel Tube Kit TP2R-K4 Knowled RGBWW Tube Light x4 (60 cm)

Godox Pixel Tube Kit TP4R-K4 Knowled RGBWW Tube Light 4x 120 cm

Godox Pixel Tube Kit TP4R-K8 Knowled RGBWW Tube Light 8x 120 cm

Godox WT25R Waterproof Tube Light 25 cm (RGB)

Godox WT40R Waterproof Tube Light 40 cm (RGB)

Godox WT60R Waterproof Tube Light 60 cm (RGB)

Other RGB Lighting

In Godox's offer, we can also find less typical RGB lighting, which can be a valuable addition to lighting our scene. Thanks to RGB bulbs (conveniently controlled via an app), we can simulate ambient lighting, and the mini lamp R1 allows us to discreetly place it on the set. We have at our disposal:

Godox R1 mini creative light (Silver)

Godox R1 mini creative light (Grey)

Godox C10R Creative Bulb Set (8-Light Kit) Knowled RGBWW

Godox C10R Creative Bulb Knowled RGBWW

Godox C7R Creative Bulb Set (8-Light Kit) Knowled RGBWW

Godox C7R Creative Bulb Knowled RGBWW with Li-ion Battery


In a world where color has the power to express and change perceptions, Godox RGB lamps become an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to go a step further in their creative expression. Whether you are professionals or enthusiasts, the world of RGB colors with Godox lamps opens new perspectives for you. Push the boundaries, experiment, and let your works shine with full colors. We invite you to discover this colorful world with Godox!

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