What Christmas gift for a photographer and filmmaker?

What Christmas gift for a photographer and filmmaker?

What Christmas gift for a photographer and filmmaker? We throw light on the best choices!

Let's face it, most photographers and filmmakers are equipment enthusiasts who are usually up-to-date with technology and news. The industry is constantly evolving and presenting innovations that are sure to come in handy for filmmakers who care about quality equipment. If you're wondering about the perfect gift for your friends, family, or maybe you want to make a gift yourself - this is the perfect article for you! Below we will show you some of our selected suggestions.


1. Godox TT600 Camera Flash

This is the perfect gift for any photographer, regardless of experience level. It features short recharge times, high flash power, and compatibility with many cameras, making it the perfect tool for any photography enthusiast. If you're worried that the gift recipient already has another flash, no problem. The TT600 will work great as a main light, but also as a secondary light. With it, there is no option that you miss a gift. It is multisystem, which means it fits almost all cameras on the market. And at the same time it is very favorably priced!

For whom: For event, portrait and fashion photography enthusiasts. For amateurs and professionals. Any photographer will be happy with it!


2. Godox Outdoor flash AD200Pro

The current weather may not encourage outdoor photography, but once spring arrives, any photographer will appreciate the advantages of battery-powered flashes. The AD200Pro is high power, fast charging speed, lightweight design and many features to assist photographers. What's more, it's a flash from an exceptionally comprehensive system, where you'll find many accessories, holders, modifiers or even different heads. It's a great choice for any photographer who dreams of studio quality flash, but in a compact size.

For whom: Photographers who want to flash outside the studio as well. A must-have for portrait and fashion photographers looking to take their work to the next level.

MoveLink M1

3. Godox MoveLink M1 Compact Digital Wireless Microphone System

In videos or vlogs, the visuals are extremely important. Every creator knows this. But few spend enough time and commitment in recording clear and ear-pleasing sound. This is a mistake that, fortunately, we can fix with really little cost and effort. Godox Movelink is a fully digital kit consisting of a wireless transmitter and receiver, which will take beginners only a few moments to set up.

For whom: For any filmmaker, vlogger or YouTuber. Versions are available for cameras and camcorders, but also for smartphones. Every video maker will find the right version for themselves.



4. Godox TL30 Tube Light RGB

It's hard to find a more versatile product than an RGB tube. The TL30 is the smallest model in the Godox range (30 cm), guaranteeing that the tube can be used anywhere. Whether it's a studio session, going outdoors (and the tube in a backpack!) or as a permanent part of a vlogger's studio. The ability to control the app, the full RGB color palette, or the special effects modes will appeal to any gadgeteer. And if you simply need an additional source of white light (adjustable in the 2700-6500K color temperature range) TL30 will also come to your rescue.

For whom: Anyone will benefit from RGB tubes. Whether it's to be an addition to a professional photo set, the first additional light source for a vlogger, or an element to introduce color to a photo shoot. It's the most versatile gift under the sun!

MF12 K2

5. Godox MF12 K2 Macro Flash Kit

For any nature enthusiast who wants to show the world on a macro scale, we have prepared a convenient solution. The Godox MF12 K2 kit consists of two flashes, mounting rings, a case and many additional accessories. This set is great for photographing any small objects or insects. More than 500 flashes on a single charge, the ability to expand the set with additional flashes confirm its high usability, award Best Flash in the TIPA World Awards. It is also a set gaining great popularity among dentists documenting their work.

For whom: For those who like to photograph insects, flowers or create product photography of small objects.


6. Godox SL60IID LED Video Light

Affordable, small, indispensable! SL60IID is a lightweight and convenient LED continuous light, featuring high quality bild and many features to improve convenience. It has a constant color temperature of 5600K and is ideal for film and YouTubing applications, but will also be useful for photographers. It has CRI/TLCI ratio of 96/97, ensuring color accuracy, and its power is fully adjustable from 0-100%. As befits a modern unit, it has Bluetooth app control and a special effects mode. The universal Bowens mount guarantees access to a limitless modifiers and accessories.

For whom: For filmmakers and photographers looking for modern, small and versatile lights that will work well for amateur use as well as more advanced sets.

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