Godox Points

Godox Points - Krokr 1

Register in our store

01. After creating an account, you will automatically join our loyalty discount program. Creating an account is equivalent to accepting the terms and conditions.

Godox Points - Krokr 2

Buy a product

02. You will earn points for every product you buy in the Godox store. For every €1 you spend, you will receive 1 Godox Point, and for your convenience, next to each product we list the total amount of points you will receive for its purchase.

Godox Points - Krokr 3

Receive your points

03. Once your order has been paid for, the points will be placed in your account. In case of return, the points will be canceled. Collected Godox points can not be given to other users, resold, or exchanged for cash equivalent.

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Hunt for the promotion

04. There will be temporary promotions for participating customers, consisting of occasional increases in conversion rates or bonus points for each purchase or action. More information will appear on our social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok).

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Buy cheaper!

05. Redeem points for discounts on next purchases. For every 100 Godox points, the price of the product is reduced by €1. Points obtained in the Program remain valid for one year from the date of their award. Information on the current state of the account and the history of awarded and spent points is available in the "Your Account" tab on the Customer's account in the Store.